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Soil Association Hedgerow Promotional film

Soil Association Agroforestry Promotional film

Produced by the Soil Association this short film highlights the potential for agroforestry

Churchill Agroforestry Project

I rented a couple of acres and planted 300+ fruit trees aiming to grow blocks of vegetables in betweeen as part of an agroforestry system. Sadly the landlord went bust and the project folded. However this film records the setting up of the site.

Organic Farming Profiles

These films are personal profiles that I made with Particle Productions. I am behind the camera asking the questions.

Will Best - Manor Farm


Will is a pioneering and inspirational dairy farmer.

Andy Dibben - The Community Farm


 I worked with Andy as advisor and mentor at the Community Farm near Chew Magna, not that he needed much guiding.

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